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360 to Paradise, a novel written by prominent Santa Barbara author Casey Marx

California is home to beautiful weather, colorful and caring citizens, some of the world’s most interesting sights, and perhaps most notably of all, one of the most intense and talented skating scenes in America and the world.

To expand upon the latter point, skateboarding is a way of life in most of California—especially Santa Barbara. It’s here that individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life eat, breathe, and sleep skateboarding as a sport, a way to relax, a way to compete, and with a little bit of luck, a way to earn international acclaim and attention—not to mention a significant amount of money, as well as a chance to crack the record books and go down in history as one of the greatest skateboarders of all time!

Engrossing and generally positive as it may be, Santa Barbara’s focus on skateboarding also results in unparalleled pressure, unrivaled competition, and considerable feuds and rivalries amongst boarders. Explaining the possibilities of these points—and Santa Barbara’s skateboarding culture—to individuals from other parts of the country and the world was rather difficult for quite a few years, until 360 to Paradise, a novel written by prominent Santa Barbara author Casey Marx, was released.

Admittedly, books about skateboarding aren’t normally well-written, nor are they usually concise, to the point, and indicative of the legitimate qualities of skateboarding and skate culture. 360 to Paradise therefore towers over the competition both in terms of accuracy and excitement, as the work perfectly depicts the ins, the outs, and the drama of skateboarding life in Santa Barbara.

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In the novel, the emotion and significance of the sport is fully made clear—as is the pressure one young man places upon himself to be the best. Another eerily accurate story element centering around a deal gone wrong and owed cash threatens to tear this main character’s life apart, and he’s then forced to scramble and try to save both his professional career and his personal wellbeing.

Pin pointing exactly what makes 360 to Paradise one of the most compelling and appealing books about skateboarding can seem difficult at first, but really, it’s rather straightforward. Sure, Casey Marx is once again a knowledgeable and informed Santa Barbara author who dedicated ample creative effort to crafting the work. But more than this, Marx evidently worked very hard to translate the emotion and struggle of many Santa Barbara skateboarders into a relatable, appealing, and attention-grabbing main character that speaks to all individuals, from all over the world, of all ages and of a variety of backgrounds.

Much like Santa Barbara’s actual skate culture does.
As such, anyone who enjoys skateboarding, is interested in California and its culture, likes to read riveting novels, and/or wants to get a taste of what it’s like to grow up in another individual’s shoes shouldn’t hesitate to check 360 to Paradise out. The book is carefully written, timeless, and once again, completely accurate.

It’s must-read writing that everyone should take the time to experience.

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