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8 Spectacular Uniforms in History of FIFA World Cup

It has been almost a year since the last edition of FIFA World Cup. Merely a year back, we all were glue to television screen seeing the various teams contending for winning the FIFA World Cup title.

Apart from giving an identity in the field, a sports uniform is a symbol of a team’s character and reflect their national background. In addition, it adds an element of style in the players which grab attention of the audiences. The supporters enjoy seeing their beloved players wearing the elegant uniforms with logos and custom patches of renownedbrands.

Below, we list some of the most recognized uniforms that viewers have seen on a football field. They got praises for their visual appeal and uniqueness.

1.    Mexico(1998)

The kit of Mexican team in 1998 FIFA World Cup was a brainchild of ABA Sport. When it was shown to the Creative Head of the team, he rejected it for its weird pattern. It used Aztec calendar in the green which was the lead color in the Mexican flag. It was later approved by the Creative Head, and it turned out to be of themost striking uniforms that Mexican players wore in a world Cup.

2.    Brazil (1970)

The five-time champions of the FIFA World Cup, the attire of the Brazil continues to look appealing to the eyes. The yellow is the thing in their uniform as it captures your eyes for its higher tone. it was the 1970’s uniform of Brazil that made a significant impact on the event.

The 1970’s World Cup was the first title of FIFA that was televised in colors, so it rapidly attracted the interest of the masses. Not just Brazil won the title, they also won hearts of the viewers with theirsuperbattire.

3.    West Germany (1990)

The year 1990 was a landmark year for the West Germany. It brought the World Cup to the country. And it was the year when East Germany and West Germany unified.

The 2018 World Cup uniform of West Germany was inspired from the Brazilian kit of1990World Cup. It used various colors from the uniform that were featured in the 1990 FIFA World Cup. The earlier kit made use of the red, yellow and black which symbolized the flag of West Germany.

4.    Peru (1970)

Peru showed up in 1970 FIFA World Cup in a whiteattire that used red stripe which ran diagonally on the jersey. It was the first time when Peru appeared in World Cup after 40 years. So it was an important occasion for the Peruvian football players and it injected in them the spirit to perform their best.

Peru was defeated in the quarter-finals by Brazil. However, the viewers couldn’t forget the uniform of the Peruvian team and they wore replicated kits of the team using custom made patches.

5.    Argentina (1978)

The uniform of Argentina has always remained the most spectacular attires in FIFA history but there was a visual appeal in the outfit that Argentinians wore in 1978 World Cup. Argentina was the host of this title of FIFA. It was one of the cups when football players put on the neck T-shirts in full sleeves because of the wintertime in Argentina. The Argentinian team looked veryattractive in those blue and white stripes.

6.    Croatia (1998)

Croatia made their entry in the FIFA World Cup in 1998. It was a significant year for the nation as it has recently liberated from Yugoslavia. The uniform was the best part of the Croatian players, and it garnered global attention for the team. The kit was made by the Croatian designer Miroslav Sutej and by the Lotto, an Italian brand.

The attire featured a chess-board pattern which is the symbol of the Croatian flag. The design of the Croatian uniform made it the most appealing attire of the world cup. Croatia made a strong presence in the world cup and reached the semifinal where it was defeated by France in a competitive match.

7.    Zaire (1974)

While the 1974 FIFA World Cup proved a big failure for the of Zaire, theywere applauded for their attire. Adidas made the uniform which featured a leopard face and also the Country’s name on the chest. It was one of the most crucial occasions that would certainly be celebrated by Zaire football as it did not participate in the upcoming world cup titles.

8.    Denmark (1986)

Hummel made theuniform of the Danish team for the 1986 FIFA World Cup, and they did a fantastic job. The excellent design of the kit enhanced the style of the Danish players, and the Danish team couldn’t help but cheered for their team. The attire used the red tones with white on one side of the front, back, and the arms. It is definitely the most spectacular kits in the FIFA World Cup history.