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Comparison between Freelancer, Upwork and Guru prices

Freelancer, Upwork and Guru are extremely popular among Freelancers in today’s world, who are looking forward to make a decent income by selling their skills. To offer the services, all these freelancing marketplaces get a fee from the users. Here is a comparison between the fees that are associated with the above mentioned online marketplaces.


Client Fee –Clients will be able to submit two main types of jobs in Freelancer. They include fixed price jobs and hourly jobs. For the fixed price jobs, a fee of 3% from the total order value or a fixed fee of $3 is obtained. In fact, the greater value of these two will be taken by the website. On the other hand, a 3% fee is taken from the total project price or the bid amount when calculating the fee of hourly jobs.

Freelancer Fee –Freelancers who accept fixed jobs will have to pay either $5 or 10% of the total price. The higher amount out of these two would be deducted from the balance. On the other hand, a 10% fee is taken from the project price or the bid amount in hourly jobs.


Client Fee – Until May 2016, Upwork did not take a commission from the client. However, it was changed from June, 2016 and a fixed commission of 2.75% is now being charged from the fixed project costs. However, the clients who are located in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and few other Eurozone countries will be able to pay a fixed monthly fee of $25 instead of this 2.75% commission.

Freelancer Fee –Until May 2016, a fixed percentage of 10% was deducted from the total earnings of freelancers. However, it was changed from the following month and now it varies in between 5% and 20%. In case if the freelancer earns more than $500 per month, the commission would be 10%. However, freelancers who are earning over $10,000 per month will only have to pay a $5 commission.


Client Fee – In Guru, a 2.5% processing fee is obtained from every payment that is made by a client. If the client uses a bank account in order to make the payment, 3.5% cash back is provided. Clients who make payments with checks and wire transfers are also eligible for the cash back.

Freelancer fee – There are two main category types for freelancers who have signed up with Guru. Freelancers who have enrolled to the basic plan will have to pay 8.95% as the service fee. However, the service fee for premium membership plan holders in Guru is just 4.95%. In order to obtain a premium membership, the users will have to pay a monthly fee of $39.95.


As you can see, different freelancing platforms are equipped with different pricing structures. It is up to you to think about your requirements before selecting an online marketplace out of them. Moreover, a new freelancing platform, which has fees much lower than the platforms mentioned above is about to be released as . The site is expected to go live soon and the specific pricing structures are not yet being released to the market. But believe me it’s going to be much lower when compared to other freelancing marketplaces.



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