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Electric Ash performs at surprise party shares stage with 10 celebrities

Electric Ash, a California-based cover rock band covering hits from the 60s thru today, recently off tour w/ Everclear and opening for Candlebox at a sold out Seattle Arena is comprised of four seasoned musicians, some with impressive celebrity connections from around the country, this week officially performed at a 50th surprise party with 10 notable celebrities in tow, including members of the bands AC/DC, Asia, Toto, Dokken, Dio, Warrant, Great White, Lynch Mob and more. “I am thankful to all the celebrities who attended this awesome event and said yes to my invitation,” said Bob Vergura

In addition to their mind-blowing rock collaborations at the events, several actors joined the reputable band on stage as well, including Thomas Ian Nicholas, Sean McNabb, Terry Illous, Scott Warren and Simon Wright. Also in attendance LA New Anchor Christine Devine, Video Vixen / Cherry Pie Girl – Bobby Jean Brown, Toto’s Steve Parcaro and actors Jason Faust and BoJesse Christopher.

“We’re more than just a rock band tonight – we’re a band comprised of actors and some of the biggest rockers in the world,” said Vergura, A founding member of Electric Ash. “As someone deeply intertwined with celebrities in California, I would be happy to make any event a star-studded evening equipped with our music, performance, and celebrity appearances.”

The night kicked off with Electric Ash’s opening with a highly charged set of cover tunes followed by a Led Zeppelin Medley in which actor Thomas Ian Nicholas joined the band on stage. Much to the crowds delight Thomas strapped on his guitar and jammed 3 songs with the band including tracks from the White Strips, Foo Fighters, and Weezer. John Payne of Asia joined Electric Ash in a rendition of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. Next up Simon Wright of AC/DC then took over the drums, signaled to Terry Illous of Great White to come up on stage and joined Sean McNabb and Brandon Rash for a Highway to Hell the audience will never forget.

Next up Scott Warren (Warrant, Dio) played Happy Birthday on keyboards for everyone to join in. after that Bobbie Jean Brown is introduced and appears amidst a story retold by Vergura and the evening ends with Jason Faunt, Bojesse Christopher, Christine Devine, and Toto’s Steve Porcaro nearby for photos.

Bobbie Jean Brown proclaimed, “Great Band!” while John Payne stated that evening, “I really liked the way you guys played the Eagles.”

Other major highlights of the event include Jonathon Oe who is the manufacturer of all the Game Issued Uniforms for the Los Angeles Lakers presented the Birthday Boy with a customer #1 Lakers Jersey with his name on it.

Seeing Electric Ash in concert is a spectacle to behold as they continue to shock crowds with secret celebrity guests on stage throughout the entire performances. The band members include Bobby Tacawy, lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Bob Vergura, drums and vocalist, Glen Howard, bass guitarist, and Brandon Rash, lead guitarist and vocalist. The band is currently booking for 2017 performances.

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