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Experience with Sharp Circle

Sharp Circles is a digital marketing company located in Melbourne, 180 Lonsdale Street, Floor 19. It provides several different services, all pertaining to search engine optimisation and improving website rankings on search engines. SEO services are split into different packages that vary in terms of length and price, amongst other factors, depending on what the client needs, all with the purpose of improving the search ranking of websites when using certain keywords. Other services include a free SEO audit tool. The company consists of a team of senior and junior consultants, supported by sales, customer service and administrative staff.

In comparison with other Melbourne SEO company sites, main difference I can find is the other sites have the tendency to showcase current and former clients. Other digital marketing companies sometimes have a wider range of services to provide, such as PPC and content writing, depending on their size. Don’t have any suggestions for the company to speak off, as I lack knowledge on the specific workings of Sharp Circles, and on what makes a successful company in general. A potential suggestion would be trying to increase their media presence, though from what I’ve seen there’s already an effort to do this.

During my time with Sharp Circles, my activities at the company can be summarised as the

  • Being taught the basics of SEO, contributing to a DIY SEO guide, and editing a WordPress website.
  • Research on WordPress, as well as ways in which websites can be optimised to be faster.
  • Edited the coding of the WordPress themes directly – that is to say, I added HTML and PHP code to the default files of a placeholder website.
  • Working on the presentation slides.
  • Research on white label SEO tools that could be added to the company’s websites.
  • Helping with the presentation and updating Excel client reports.
  • Research on server migration and FTP tools.
  • Editing the recordings of the presentation and transcribing the content.

During my time at Sharp Circles I learned a lot, especially regarding search engine optimisation and websites. I benefited a lot from the amount of freedom that was given to me during WordPress web development, since I was allowed to make changes and suggestions based on my own judgement. When given the task to research potential solutions, such as the white label audit tool and certain plugins, I felt like my input and research was considered and valued when making decisions. If I had to give constructive criticism, it’d be on the times where I didn’t have tasks to carry out, though that was usually on quiet holiday days. I’m overall very satisfied with my experience here.

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