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Last month, Lockforce International successfully conducted a Hostile Environment Awareness Training for an Embassy in the Philippines. Participants who attended the training had positive feedback as they were pleased in relation to the training including the learning outcomes, the linkage between theory and practical sessions, the facilities and the overall administration which supported the activity.  Since 2014, our team has been providing HEAT courses for many organizations locally and internationally.

The training course was designed to train participants on how to deal effectively with emergency situations, and increase their security and safety capabilities, including situational awareness and overall knowledge of how to deal with incidents. The training was tailored to their needs in line with the threat environment they operate in and the training was aligned to the organizational Risk Assessment.

Additionally, the sessions reinforced preventative processes to consider and response mechanisms best suited to the areas the participants operate in. The HEAT course has intensive practical sessions with hands-on activities that allow participants to explore their behavior, capabilities, and also weaknesses and learn how to control their responses through realistic simulations in a high-risk setting.

Lockforce is very honored to the Embassy Community for continuing to put their trust in Lockforce security consultants Brisbane, in allowing our training teams to advance the skills, knowledge, capabilities, and safety of their staff. In relation to HEAT training, other embassies in the Philippines and region are currently scheduled to participate in the HEAT training later in 2022.