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Hire a Proofreader Before Publishing your Academic Book

If you’re an expert in your field, you might be considering writing an academic book to share your knowledge with the world. Self-publishing is a fantastic means by which to get your work out there, but it’s important that your manuscript is professionally edited before you share it with your students, colleagues, and other readers.

Stickler Proofreading provide academic editing services that are ideal for academic authors. As well as checking your document for spelling and grammatical errors, Stickler will edit the work for consistency, flow, and clarity. In short, we’ll help you make sure your work is in the best shape possible prior to publication.

Here’s some more information about the professional proofreading and editing services we offer.

  1. All word counts welcome. Whether it’s a small workbook or a huge manuscript with myriad references, figures, and tables, Stickler can help you.
  2. All topics.We have been in business for over ten years, and can proofread every type of manuscript going. No matter what your field—from art to zoology, from science to management—you can bet Stickler have experience in the area.
  3. Rapid turnaround.Our standard turnaround time is four business days, and we also offer an Express Service for those last-minute jobs. We know what it’s like when you’re working to a deadline!
  4. Not just a spell check.Stickler will proofread your manuscript to correct errors in grammar, syntax, spelling, punctuation, and grammar, but we’ll also provide suggestions on areas that might benefit from more explanation or where supplementary material, such as references, would be beneficial.
  5. Consistency checks. We’ll ensure that headings, tables, figures, references, etc.,are presented consistently, and in line with best practice and any style guidelines you provide.
  6. Formatting of manuscript. We can also format your manuscript more extensively to style guidelines where needed. We’re adept at styles including APA, Harvard, Vancouver, Chicago, MHRA, and many more.
  7. Instant quote and rapid response.When you fill out our online form to submit your document, you’ll get an instant quote.We respond to all submissions and emails within one business day—usually within hours.
  8. Optional add-ons. We offer a variety of add-on services. We can translate documents into English,conduct a plagiarism check, and add a table of contents and list of tables or figures, if required.
  9. Additional support. Once your work has been completed, we’re here to answer any questions you might have. Need to get a second opinion on a revised title, for example? Just ask!
  10. 30% discount on re-edits. If your document has undergone extensive revisions and changes, we always recommend you send it back to us, as this is where a lot of new errors and inconsistencies can crop up. We offer a 30% discount on re-edits.

Don’t let language issues undermine your efforts. Whatever your project, let us help you make sure that you’re putting out your best work and that your publication is the most credible resource possible. Get in touch today for a quote! contact –