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Huahin Smile Taxi offers top class private transfer on Hua Hin route

Huahin Smile Taxi is a leader of private transfer operator on Hua Hin route of Thailand. The company offer private transfer and tour service, catering to all visitors of Hua Hin with key products such as taxi to Hua Hin and vice versa. Hua Hin has been a resort town for a long time in Thailand but lately has seen a surge in the number of visitors. One of the reasons for this increase is because attractions have been sprouting up in Hua Hin. Places such as Hua Hin night market, Hua Hin railway station, Ploenwarn market have been key attractions for a long time but there are newer versions of interesting spot such as the Cicada market, Santorini Waterpark, and many others.

“Hua Hin is an up and coming resort town. The vibe is different from other town. It’s more relaxed and more low-key. People come visit from all over the world because of its easy going atmosphere – the weather, the food, the sea, the people. We have been providing transfer for customers from all over the world and with the increase number of visitors, we have plan to add to our luxury fleet. We also will expand on our tour service to offer more excursion options to our customers.” said the company spokesperson.

Thailand is among the most visited countries in the world and Hua Hin is its key traditional resort town. Accordingly, hotels in Hua Hin are also expanding, making their way south all the way to Kao Kalok and Sam RoiYot area. Huahin smile taxi private transfer service covers all these hotels down south. In fact the service covers the areas all the way to Chumphon, Krabi, and Phuket. For more information about these services visit