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Thai Happy Taxi announce its door-to-door service to Koh Chang

Thai Happy Taxi, a leader in private transfer service in Thailand, has announced it will increase the fleet to cope with more demand on door-to-door service from Bangkok airport and Bangkok city to KohChang. Today a lot of customers would like the driver to board with them on the ferry and take them all the way to Koh Chang hotel. Especially during December and January when a lot of travelers travel to Thailand. Many book accommodations in Koh Chang, attracted by the pristine sea and the white sand beaches. A lot would need transfer directly onto the island and back toward Bangkok.

“The travel during high season can be very hectic, with many customers heading out from Bangkok and heading back in at the same time.  This create huge logistic challenge for transfer operators. We’re getting ready and make sure everyone can travel safely with us and arrive at the hotel on the island with comfort. This obviously includes travel back to the airport and to Bangkok as well” The company spokesperson said.

The travel into Thailand steadily increases every year over the past five years. The recently built new Suvarnabhumi airport is not crowded already. And many of the highways to holiday destinations are filled with more and more traffic. Koh Chang is no different as it is one major destination for holiday goers. The company say it plans to deal with the influx with larger fleet size to meet with the increased demand. Visit them at page to make booking or inquire about the transfer service to kohchang .