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TMPR, an innovative international public registry for trademarks

TMPR, an innovative international public registry for trademarks, has been launched

The launch of TMPR, an innovative international public registry for trademarks on the blockchain, opens new possibilities for users to convert their trademarks into non-fungible tokens (NFT) and, therefore, obtain a greater national and international visibility, securely and much more quickly and economically than traditional registry mechanisms.

The approach of TMPR, the International TradeMark Public Registry, offers various advantages. First, the user receives an exact date of his trademark’s inscription in this registry. Given that this registry is on the blockchain, this information can’t be altered. The trademark’s conversion into an NFTalso shares security in the property, since NFTs have only one owner and can’t be destroyed or damaged.

Another advantage of the TMPR is that registry expenses are much lower than those of national and international trademark registration institutions. In TMPR, the registration costs 199 USDT. The payment is made in Tether, a stable cryptocurrency with a 1 to 1 ratio with the dollar, so there’s no risk of fluctuation in the cost of the process. One or two dollars are added to this in the stable cryptocurrency BNB, which is the official cryptocurrency of the Binance Exchange. These dollars are paid like Gas, which is the fee paid to the miners on the Ethereum blockchain for their services in carrying out the transactions.

The registration process of a trademark on TMPR is much faster than the traditional registration. Whereas, on one hand, intermediaries delay the traditional registration, even for several months, there are no intermediaries with TMPR and the process can be completed in a short period of time.

Very fast registration process

With TMPR it’s possible to simultaneously register the logo or the image of the service or product linked to the trademark. To do that, all information is to be sent in a form available on TMPR, where the name and trademark logo will appear.

The first step, before registering a trademark on TMPR, is that each user must open an account in the e-wallet Metamask. This can be done in a few seconds. Then, he will have to transfer into this wallet the 199 USDT corresponding to the cost of the registration service, plus the amount of BNB already explained, that will be used to pay for the extraction rates.

Once these two steps have been completed, the user will go on to the section My NFT on the TMPR. Once there, the system will ask you to connect to the Metamask e-wallet to complete the payment. After this, the customer will connect the trademark with the Metamask e-wallet through the TMPR smart contract which will be executed on the Binance Smart chain network.

This way, the trademark will be registered on the blockchain as an NFT, using the ERC 721 standard, which is a type of token from the Ethereum blockchain. Afterward, the system will upload this information to the Interplanetary Filing System (IPFS).

There is also a Marketplace on TMPR, where the owners of trademarks can sell their NFTs, and the payments will be in USDT.

The users who have questions about how to work with Metamask, or on how to acquire USDT and BNB, may request a VIP assistance, for an additional fee. The customer service will take charge of all the tasks of registering your trademark.

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