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Turn Your Small Business Into a Viable Business With Self Employment Assistance Program

The time is now! Whether you have a fantastic startup idea or a newly launched small business, make the most of exciting self employment assistance opportunities to create your own successful enterprise.

Taking part in a specialised self employment assistance program means accessing tailored support, helping turn your great business idea into a viable money-making company. From helpful Business Plan Development to one-to-one Business Advice Sessions, the right program level of support is waiting for you.

Turn your thoughts about self-employment into action. The following guide details everything you need to know about exciting assistance programs, from eligibility to finding experienced service providers.

What Does a Self Employment Assistance Program Involve?

The wide range of options for self employment assistance makes it an ideal support system for business owners of all levels. Flexible services include:

Exploring Self-employment Workshops

Clarify what self-employment involves and what it means to you on these 1-2 week intensive workshops. Create or validate a startup idea, and make an informed decision about your next move.

Business Plan Development

If you have a new business idea or an existing micro-company that needs elevation, one-to-one business development support helps you develop the tools you need along with experienced help assessing how viable the business plan is.

Business Advice Sessions

Access tailored advice in intensive hour-long one-one Business Advice Sessions (2 free meetings every 12 months), whether you have an existing small business or are looking to start one. Get help improving your commercial viability, or referrals to helpful small business networks.

Business Health Checks

Receive informed unbiased feedback on your small business with informed Business Health Checks. These 3-hour one-one sessions offer insight into how to improve your business through key analysis as well as connections to local support services.

Accredited Small Business Training

Develop the skills needed to operate a successful small business with an accredited qualification. Your Self-Employment Assistance provider can help select the right training to achieve your goals, from Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business to Micro Business Skill Set, and much more.

Small Business Coaching

Benefit from 12 months of personalised mentorship, where expired advice and support are tallied toward starting and operating your own small business. Those eligible can even potentially access up to $300 of start-up costs and a long-term allowance.

Using Self Employment Assistance to Grow Your Business

Sometimes all we need is a little support. Joining a self employment assistance program at TAG not only provides you with tailored workshops, business advice, and invaluable mentoring, but provides you with the focus and confidence needed to achieve a successful small business, and become your own boss.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for self employment training courses you must not be employed or in education for more than 25 hours a week, no undischarged bankruptcy, be an Australian citizen / permanent visa holder / nominated visa holder, and be at least 15 years of age. Various assistance programs may have additional eligibility criteria.

Knowledgeable Guidance From the Experts at Tag

Training and Alliance Group are experienced providers of customised self employment assistance, helping a wide range of potential and existing small business owners make their independent work dreams a reality.

Contact TAG today to discuss joining a self-employment assistance training program, or learn more here.