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Why You Must Hire the Los Angeles Judgment Collection Specialists

Going through the court system is a lengthy process to get what you’re owed from a debtor. Even after you’ve won your case and the judge has handed you a financial judgement, you may still have difficulties collecting from the person who owes you money. In these instances, hiring the Los Angeles judgment collection specialists may be the easiest way you’ll see that money.

Did you know that 80% of judgements are never collected from debtors? Going to court is only one step in the lengthy collections process. Once you’re out of court, your debtor doesn’t feel obligated to pay what you’re owed.

There can be numerous reasons why you’re owed money. Please note that when you hire a Los Angeles judgment collection specialist that we work only with individual debtors, not with financial collections from businesses. That’s an entirely different game.

Have you won a judgement from one of these following concerns? Perhaps your spouse has failed to pay your child support or alimony that has been judged by court, even though you know they have a good job. You may have been in a bad car accident and been awarded damages, but have yet to receive any money.

You may be owed repayment for money you lent to a friend or relative. Perhaps you’ve won a judgement for a neighbor who caused some damage to your yard or fence. No matter the reason, we are confident at our Los Angeles judgment collection specialists that we can collect the judgement you are owed.

Many people try to do their own judgement collections then give up after several months of failure. They don’t even consider that there are law services like our Los Angeles judgment collection specialists that actually can get results for you.

The process is fairly simple. You don’t pay any money up front, except for a minimal $10 notary fee so the documents can be filed in court. Once we collect the judgement, 50% goes to you, and 50% goes to us. This is much better than you sitting around waiting for money that will never come.

We work with the debtor to set a weekly, biweekly, or monthly repayment plan. If we can’t obtain a check from your debtor, the next best thing is to seize their assets. This can legally be done on bank account balances, automobiles, trucks, boats, jetskis, planes, and more. We can also place liens on real estate, so you will get the cash if they ever sell it. Another technique we can use is to garnishee wages, so you get an amount each time the debtor is paid.

If you hire a Los Angeles judgment collection specialist you should know that we focus specifically on judgement collections. It’s far better to hire us than a collection agency. Collection agencies focus more on credit card debt or business debt. Our company has the experience you need to get the money you’re entitled to.

If you have a judgement enforcement that you need assistance with today, please give us a call. We offer a free evaluation. Let’s get you that money you’re owed!

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