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2BHK & 3BHK Luxurious Flats for Sale In Dera Bassi

Home is another word for comfort. Peaceful 3bhk flats in Dera Bassi and 2bhk flats for sale in Dera Bassi are what your family would expect you to provide with and you this place is the best gift that you could provide your family with. You could create a comfortable living with modern conveniences that easily compliment your own vibrant lifestyle. Flats to your taste and comfort are what you must look for while getting yourself a place to live in. Palm Heights has everything that you would dream about the place. Great flats and surrounding attract you to find a place in the Palm Heights and disappointment is not the word that you will find in the dictionary when you finally grab a place in the Dera Bassi.

Beautifully managed theme parks for both, kids and adults to enjoy and unwind. Palm Heights is the newest development offers a variety of well-designed spaces suitable for single or family living. From super markets to theme parks, educational centres to global food chains, every facility is provided to you and at very attractive offer. Palm Heights provides round the clock security to the people residing in the Building. A safe and secure surrounding with all your needs taken care of at your finger tips for twenty four hours is what most of us require for sound sleep and Palm Heights is just the place you would be looking for.

That is what Palm Heights provides you, and much more on the National highway. A mini world for your own, Palm Heights is away from the busy crowds but with all facilities. The surrounding doesn’t allow you to wander far off to get your work done. Not much away from the city but is enclosed by the peace and located on the suburbs. A home to be called as your own where you could live like a king is more important than anything else. A city on its own has anything and everything that one would need on day to day basis. The surrounding doesn’t allow you to wander far off to get your work done. Fuelled by the same dynamism that constantly recreates Dera Bassi as a city of great passions and potential Palm Heights has lots to offer. The Palm Heights will be surrounded by centres of business and culture true to the flourishing spirit of the city.

These flats are not like rest of them that you come across on a day to day basis. Palm heights looks into all of your general needs that you would basically expect from the flats to provide you for. Swimming pool, yoga centres, table tennis centres etc are made available to you. Especially the 24 hour battery back-up is the most important feature that must be added. The security is also tight for the area to be made secure for you. So, make the decision and grab a flat for yourself to make a better tomorrow to stay in.

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