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How to Mk Precious Jewellery Durable !!!

It happens to everyone…. no one likes to talk about it. Yep, tarnish!!! Tarnish effects precious metals such as sterling silver and gold. Over time, all sterling silver and real gold will tarnish, regardless of where it came from. This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your jewelry, its just a natural process! If your jewelry starts to look tarnished over time, you know its real!

Tarnish, or a dull/dark discoloration, is a naturally occurring chemical reaction on the surface of some precious metals that is caused by exposure to oxygen and hydrogen sulfide. All jewelry comes in contact with air, and hydrogen sulfide is found in paper like the boxes and paper your jewelry is kept in.

In summers, humidity will make silver tarnish even more visible. We encourage our customers to store their jewelry in anti-tarnish bags to keep to help our products looking as bright as possible for longer.

Here are some tips to help your jewelry stay looking bright longer:

Avoid wearing jewelry in the shower, swimming pool or hot tub. Store your jewelry in a dry place. Avoid contact with hairspray, perfume, body lotion, etc.

A general rule of thumb: jewelry should be the last thing put on before leaving home, and the first thing removed when returning.