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It takes time and care to find the best professional hosting solutions for your business. Whether it’s a new business startup, or has been around for some time, you may be ready to create your online presence. Or, perhaps you were unhappy with your prior service provider and are seeking a change.

You’ve come to the right place. We are professional hosting solutions that will benefit your business. Here are 6 points that make us the best professional hosting solution for any type of business or organization.

1. Supersonic Speeds

When your customers visit your website you want it to pop up immediately. You don’t want them tapping their fingers while waiting for it to load. In fact, most people have no patience and they’ll quickly click away. That can mean lost business. OvalHost utilizes the latest SSD and network technology to ensure that all hosted sites run at high speed.

2. Quick Installation

When your site needs special scripts you want to know that you can do it quickly and easily, even if you don’t understand the coding. We have over 400 scripts for you to choose from. You can also easily keep your software up-to-date with our 1-click installer and simple updater tools.

3. Website Builder for Beginners

If you’ve never taken a coding class you may not know a lot about how to build a website. The good news is that we have our own website builder that does most of the work for you. You won’t need to have any coding skills, or any prior experience in web design. It’s also easy to use

4. Incredible Support

You won’t feel like you’re alone when you work with OvalHost. Whether you are getting started, have come across a little glitch, or a big roadblock, we’ll be able to help you out. Our friendly customer support team will be able to assist you through every step of the way. There are three different ways to contact us, so please do so through whichever method you prefer.

5. Secure and Stable Web Hosting

We know that you demand the best professional hosting services. We protect our networks with a hybrid DDoS protection system. We can also guarantee a high uptime of 99.99% on all shared hosting services.

6. Automatic Backups

You don’t want your hard work to be lost, but you may also not have the resources to do backups on your end. This is why we tackle all the backups on our side. They’re fully automated at regular intervals. We always want to ensure that your data is kept safe, or even if you simply wish to revert your changes back to the past.

These are just 6 points that make us the best, but we’re certain we can come up with 60 more. If you’re ready to get going on your new website, please contact us today. We look forward to seeing you become one of the family.