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OvalHost offers professional hosting along with wide selection of domain names, with a wide variety of domain extensions. It’s important to find an amazing and available domain name for your business, because changing it a year down the road can set you back.

You need a catchy name for your business that provides a clue as to what it is you do. It should also be easy to remember, and relatively easy to spell. Here are a few more tips to help you get started in finding that perfect domain name.

Choosing a Catchy Name

Start by brainstorming names and writing them onto a sheet of paper. Then begin a search online to see if they have been taken. For example, you don’t want to set up any company that is called Apple, Microsoft, IBM, or McDonald’s, or you’re going to be experiencing some trademark issues.

You can make a play on words, or combine words together. Don’t have a name that is too long. Ideally, eight letters or less is best, like OvalHost.

While you can use hyphens, it’s generally recommended to not do so. Most customers and clients will remember most of your URL, but not where the hyphen goes, or whether it was an underscore, or slash, or something else. Make it as easy as possible for someone to find your website.

Choosing Your Domain Extension

The extension is what goes at the end of your domain name. Commonly it’s a .com. There are domains for other countries too, such as for the UK, .ca for Canada, and .au for Australia. If you run a charitable organization or a non-profit, you can qualify to get a .org. There are also some other newer ones that you can look into, such as .space, .tech, .online, or .systems.

Think about how your industry fits in with any of these domains, and how you can utilize them to your benefit.

Begin Your Search

Visit the OvalHost Domain Name Search page. This is where you can enter your names and find out if they’re available.

Another consideration to make is whether you wish to purchase more than one. For example, many big companies own the .ca, .com, .au, .tech, and more for their business. You don’t want to get only one, then have someone else rush in and purchase all the others up then try to sell them to you at over-inflated prices. Decide if you’re happy with what you’ve chosen.

And what happens if someone else nabs the others for their own business? Can they be twisted into something negative? For example, you may have bought for your organic orchard, but someone else comes in and grabs for their cosmetics business. Think about the impact that may have on your business. In this case, nothing, but what if was selling something that would negatively impact your business such as pesticides?

If you need assistance, please contact us at OvalHost today. We have the experience and knowledge to find you the perfect domain name for your new business.