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All About Professional Web Hosting

Our professional web hosting services may operate in the background to your website but they’re still extremely important components for your business. Many website owners may be curious what’s involved in creating their own website.

At OvalHost, we provide professional web hosting services for Europe and America. We believe in freedom of speech with low censorship. We also run on 100% green energy to lessen the impact on the environment.

Our services can fall under three different categories.

Shared Hosting Services

Our Shared Hosting services are charged by the month. They start with the Bronze package, then onto the Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages. But you may be uncertain which is right for you.

If you’re a small start-up, the bronze package may work well for you. The Silver allows you to host multiple websites. Gold offers faster server resources which can be important for service-based businesses. And if you’re a serious webmaster, the Platinum package may be right for you.

We support a wide range of software from AbanteCart to Magento, and Oxwall. Please visit our website for further information.

Cloud VPS

If you require a dedicated server but don’t want to buy one and manage it on your site, you can choose to hire a dedicated server from OvalHost.
We offer dedicated servers from Level 1 to Level 6, from $29.90 to $159.90 per month.

We have a 300% uptime guarantee so that you and your clients can access it at any time. If anything goes wrong, there is a 300% compensation rate. Our servers offer SSD cloud storage space. They also run on green energy, which helps in protecting the environment.
With our Cloud VPS servers you’ll benefit from having a central location. OvalHost is based in Iceland, which will give you the optimal load speed to both Europe and America.

Dedicated Servers

Perhaps our dedicated offshore server solutions will be right for you. These are available in a variety of different international locations. 4 different server levels are offered, from $199 per month and up to $349 per month.

You can expect to receive your server order within 24 hours. We do not charge setup fees so you won’t have to worry about this aspect. This option also has a 300% network uptime guarantee. And like our other services, we also offer professional customer support and green energy to save nature. This option is also fully customizable and no contract is required.

Our dedicated servers also have DDoS Protection that will fit your server budget. This is an essential service that will protect your servers from all types of cyber attacks. You’ll also have the option of getting full KVM access to all dedicated servers in your region.

If you’re searching for the best professional hosting services, please visit our website to see what we have on offer. You’ll discover that you not only have a fast and fully functioning website, but that you enjoy working with us too!