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Best Hosting Plans with Best User Features

When you’re searching around for professional hosting services for your existing or brand new website most likely you’ll want one with the best user features.

Often you can get caught up in monthly or yearly pricing, data and storage space, and how fast the servers are, but then you forget that user features are important too. Here are some of the best features to seek, plus a bit about them in case you don’t understand what they are yet.

Web-Based Management

c-Panel is SSL secured and provides a way for you to manage your side of the Unix server. It’s often provided by the best web hosts to allow more control of your site. It’s basically a software program with a graphical interface that allows you to control your part of the Unix server on the hosting site.

Strong Server Protection

It’s important to have your valuable data protected on the server that it resides. OvalHost has strong and advanced DDos protection. DDos means “Denial of Service”. What happens is that a site can become inundated with traffic from a nefarious source that can result in a take down of the server that contains your website. But our advanced protection can prevent this from happening to your site, keeping your website traffic safe and secure.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists can be extremely important in the marketing of your business, but they can also involve some expertise. If you sign up with OvalHost you are getting our expertise with Mailing Lists. We will help you with placement of links on your website, and with creating the lists themselves, and what emails to send. The effective mailing list can go far in keeping customers and gaining new ones.

Email encryption is also useful to have so you can send out safe and secure information to your existing client base. Information will stay safe and secure.

Daily Backups

Data on a server should be backed up on a daily basis. If data is ever-changing, several times a day may be recommended. Gone are the days when data was only backed up once a week.

Fast data backup will never slow down the servers. This information may even be stored in a separate location away from the main servers. In the event of a disaster, your website will be quickly and easily be retrieved, so you can get back to business quickly.

Another use for data backups is for seasonal events. Some sites may have special holiday or event promotions. At the end of the event you want your site to revert back to where it was before. Simply restoring to an earlier date can bring it back quickly. You can also keep your old backups stored and refer to them at any time.

OvalHost has a fine suite of endless online features to keep your website running quickly, safely, and effectively. You’ll feel confident in signing on with us, but if you need further information on our professional hosting, please don’t hesitate to ask.