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Celebrity Inspirations to Flaunt Hair Feathers with Grace & Style

When it comes to styling inspirations, we always look up to our favorite celebrities to show us how to flaunt different trends and look our very best. We’ve picked out some exciting celebrity inspirations that will help you find the perfect styles to flaunt hair feathers.

Here, take a look:


Selena Gomez

Back in her teens when she was still the innocent and bubbly Disney star that we all adored unexplainably, Selena Gomez experimented with hair feathers all the time. The bubbly Latina star used to pin up hair feathers and extensions into her natural hair, and without going overboard on styling, she would rock a simple and minimalist look with hair feathers cascading down her back amidst tumbles of her natural locks. It is truly the best inspiration for a versatile look for a casual day out with friends.


Miley Cyrus

Miley’s messy bedhead waves entwined with exotic hair feathers give us the perfect inspiration to get over a bad hair day. Ladies, all you really have to do is glam up your messy, unwashed hair with exotic hair feathers, strategically placed behind your ears so they can blend in with your natural locks.


Bella Thorne

Bella’s stunning layers-with-front-bangs hairdo is the perfect hairstyle to rock a mesmerizing blend of natural locks entwined with exotic hair feathers, and if you have a similar cut, this is just the look you need to rock. It is worth noting that as opposed to piling up your hair with plenty of hair feathers, adding a few strands is the best way to glam up your look!



Kesha truly takes the prize with her wildly exotic and free-spirited statement, the perfect look to use hair feathers to their best advantage. This messy, sensual and wild statement is just the look you seek to channel your inner goddess with a dramatic gypsy-like flair that will garner you attention and uplift your confidence. You can always braid up your natural hairs to create grunge-like locks and then, entwine some hair feathers to give your hair an exotic, gypsy-like nomadic charm.


Demi Lovato

A true bohemian goddess that never fails to stun us with her gypsy-inspired hair styles and outfits, Demi truly steals our heart with this beautiful style created with exotic hair feathers. These extra-long hair feathers work splendidly well with her own naturally long locks, creating a magical statement that is insanely gorgeous.

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