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Exciting & Elegant Pin-Up Hair Statements to Rock Feather Extensions

Majority of the women believe that feather extensions can only be flaunted with open hair tumbling down one’s waist. Truth be told, feather hair extensions are incredibly versatile, and can be worn in more ways than one, or even ten for that matter.

Here, take a look at some sleek and elaborate updos to rock your favorite feather extensions:

Feathery Faux Hawk

An insanely gorgeous and strikingly unique updo inspiration for a wedding, engagement or any black tie event, a feather faux hawk is actually a rendition of the messy braided Mohawk updo. You can begin by clipping in your extensions into the strands of your hair, and then divide them into sections so you can create a five strand braided Mohawk.

Once you have created the braid, be sure to pull out a few strands and loosen it up to give a messy appeal. Now, create a knotted updo that allows the feather extensions a center-stage appearance amongst your natural hair color. Viola! Your festive feathery faux hawk is ready to roll!

Classic Updo

A neatly coiffured chignon is a simple and effortless statement that does not require much time or hard work, all you need to do is collect your hair in a nicely elaborate updo and neatly pin it up without any loose ends sticking out. Feather extensions allow you to add color and energy to glam up this basic updo with an exotic blend of vibrancy. You can always choose between pin up the feather extensions all the way or allowing them to hang out loosely with some fringes falling on your face.

Braided Updo

Whether you do a French braid, double Dutch braids or a classic braided updo, colorful and exotic feather extensions are hands down the simplest way to give your braided statement a powerful and bold bohemian appeal.

It’s quite simple, you can braid up the feather extensions while making the initial sections and braids, allowing the extensions to be neatly coiffured into your updo. Or you can entwine the feather extensions into the updo after making the braids so the feathered ends can stand out and command attention on your face and neck.

High Ponytail

Here’s an exciting trick to give your regular high ponytail an exotic makeover: just add some feather extensions to the ponytail and rock a colorful statement. You can always braid up your fringes and entwine the feather extensions within your rubber band, or you can let them tumble down your shoulders, dangling with your ponytail.

About Awesome Feathers

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