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Faith Rumer vocal coach offers singing lessons and performance coaching in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a great mentor in your singing career, if you don’t know where to start or what to do, Faith Rumer is here to help! Faith is an incredible singer and has been in demand as a studio vocalist in many films. She performed in almost every venue that took place in Los Angeles for example, the most known one, “The Viper Room”.

She’s ready to help you take on the right path for singing and lead you to success. Faith has been singing for a very long time and in her career she has sung at the National Anthem for over 50,000 people at a national televised Chicago White Sox game!

She has a wide knowledge about what every voice needs and she can easily help you in your journey of finding your acting voice and can sing in many different styles. Actually, many times she was requested to sing in at different times and did it successfully. She has developed an amazing voice but also a great form of communication with her pupils.

Faith Rumer has over 25 years of experience in singing, beginning her career in Chicago. She started small by singing in nightclubs and working in a theatre before moving to Los Angeles where she pursued her big dream: studio recording.

She also loves working with actors and she has been working with actors for a long time.

“The purpose of training is to free the body so that we can respond to the instinct of the moment.
The most important thing is to express ourselves authentically – to be an open channel for artistry.” says Faith.

She likes to help people sing more effectively and much more easier. Finding your acting voice may be a hard journey on your own but with Faith Rumer’s help you will be able to not only sing more effectively but also make a career out of it.

Faith strongly believes that you can learn to sing effectively in any situation whether it’s studio recording or live performance. All you have to do is to trust your voice!

In my personal opinion I believe that what Faith does for the people of Los Angeles is amazing and if you want develop yourself a career in acting or singing, Faith Rumer is the person you should contact. Finding your acting voice may be a hard journey and she does not just do that, but also helps you sing more effectively.

To book Faith Rumer and to see about Faith Rumer’s extraordinary accomplishments, please visit her website at