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Ken William’s Announces A New Novel : Fractured Angel

Ken William’s latest book, Fractured Angel is an amazing story. It’s about something that could easily happen to anyone. It’s a heartbreaking story about a psychotic break at fifteen for a girl that used to by normal.

This book points out the harsh story of the homeless in Santa Barbara. Books about the homeless aren’t many and you may not know the whole truth about it, about the battle they’re doing in order to get something to eat or about the incidents they have.

Fractured Angel is about someone’s daughter who was suffering her first psychotic break at fifteen and is on an endless and helpless chase by her wounded mind on the streets of Santa Barbara. That is what Lynne Swanson faces in Fractured Angel.

That is actually what many homeless people in California face. It’s also a worldwide problem somehow we deny to treat. Books about the homeless and they’re problems may make a change in your mind and decide that you can make the difference which you actually can!

Lynne now being out of her element and completely out of her comfort zone, she’s forced to seek for help at a social worker for the homeless, Kerry Wilson.

Unfortunately for her, Kerry is a rough-necked loner that has no inclination to hold the hand of a woman who he feels is out for a lark at the expense of his homeless clients. So we can see the denial that might even happen in the real life, a person that denies to help someone in need just because they think that person is taking advantage of them.

These are the harsh and deadly realities of the streets of Santa Barbara, in one of the wealthiest cities in the world, attempting to close a homeless shelter just as winter sets in produces a dramatic race against time with the life of Lynne’s daughter in the balance.

A dramatic book with all the action needed, points out the homeless in Santa Barbara and what they’re going through. These books about poverty can teach you a lot about the world we’re living and may change your mind about a lot of different things. So if you want to see how Lynne’s daughter ends up, buy the book,Fractured Angel, which will also educate you about the homeless in California.

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