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At Shopping Shopers , we have all types of jewelry for you. But If we talk about Pearls, Then the iridescent luster of real pearls is second to none but proper care is important for preserving such beauty! We’ve got some useful tips to help those who have invested in natural pearls.

The best way to care for natural pearls:

1) The beautiful, luminous coating or “Nacre” on pearls are easily scratched by other stones or metals so it’s important to store your pearls in separate compartments of your jewelry box or tray.

2) Professional clean only by a jeweler if you feel it is required. Never clean your pearls with a brush, cloth or ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

3) Take care to make sure your pearls are the final touch to your ensemble, putting them on only after your makeup, perfume, lotions and hair products have already been applied as the chemicals in such products are harmful to pearls and will wear away the natural luster over time.

4) Pass them along! Pearls are the perfect heirloom to gift to friends and loved ones and with proper care and maintenance, may be enjoyed for generations.