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Windsor Street Capital, LP – Private Placements

What is a private placement?

Private Placement can be an excellent strategy for a young growing company to raise capital. It has helped many companies get to the next stage and become successful. It’s a method of raising private capital by following a formal process. If your company meets a certain criteria it can be a simple process that will allow you to capitalize your business quickly with minimum distractions from operating and growing your company.

Planning stage

The process starts with a planning stage, which involves figuring out the valuation of your company, how much capital you need and can raise, how much equity or rights in the business you are prepared to offer investors for their capital contribution. Investors need to be properly compensated for the risks they are taking and usually are compensated by equity in your company, profit sharing or both.  The best way for your company to figure out the process and get the best terms is to hire a professional firm such as Windsor Street Capital, LP to help you guide through all the stages of the process.

Preparation and documentation

The next stage is the formal process that is necessary before making a private placement. Documentation needs to be prepared that clearly outlines the basis of capital raising and ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies. Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) also known as Regulation D Private Placement is prepared by professionals at Windsor Street Capital, LP. Once all documentation is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission you will have an opportunity to approach investors.

Due diligence

To better prepare to present your company to potential investors, investment banking professionals at Windsor Street Capital, LP will guide you through the process and will help you understand what potential investors are usually looking for before getting involved. Once potential investors are on board, the process is taken to due diligence stage. It’s always a good idea to be prepared in advance and creating a data room with all important documentation on your company. During this stage investors want to check that everything is in order before writing a check. Sometimes they might use the services of outside professionals such as attorneys, valuation experts and accountants.

Final negotiations

After due diligence process is complete the investors might be ready to invest right away or they might bring up certain issues that they have discovered and might want to negotiate certain additional terms or make changes to valuation of your company. It’s imperative to have an expert on your side to make sure that you are ready for such a conversation. Investment bankers at Windsor Street Capital, LP have over 23 years of experience on how to handle such issues. Once all terms have been finalized, that’s it, you have raised your capital.

The Advantages of doing a private placement:

Timing is a huge advantage of doing a private placement. On many occasions it can be done in 2 months, sometimes it takes longer, depending on market conditions and your company’s situation. However the capital raising cycle is a lot shorter than during an IPO. It creates less distractions for the management team to continue running the company, it requires less regulatory compliance than an IPO and is less expensive. Also your company might not be ready for an IPO or market conditions might not be favorable at the time of your capital raising.

About Windsor Street Capital LP

Founded in 1993 Windsor Street Capital, LP is a full-service broker-dealer committed to providing clients with outstanding personal attention in a wide range of financial services for over 23 years. This approach distinguishes us in the industry, and accounts for our outstanding record of long-term stability and growth.

We recognize that each individual client has a separate and unique set of investment goals. It’s critical that our goals and objectives are totally aligned with those of the clients. We invest a substantial amount of time understanding the objectives of our clients and assessing our ability to meet those objectives prior to our engagement. We are dedicated to providing value for our clients by devising the most appropriate strategies based on careful analysis of their risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Many of our clients told us that they feel that our financial advisors at Windsor Street Capital have become part of their family and have added a very meaningful advice. We always want to help our clients reach their financial goals, improve their relationship and add a sense of security in their lives. Our job is to always be there for your family, especially during the times when you feel overwhelmed and might make a decision based on overthinking or overreaction.


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Windsor Street Capital, LP – Private Placements